Jessie is the main character in all three of the free willy movies. James Rachtner is the actor of jessie and he is adopted by a young couple after he vandelises a water park he has to clean the glass windows of an animals water tank...

free willy movies

free willy 1

free willy one is all about a young boy names jessie...

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Free Willy 2 is the best movie ever and it is my favourite. The Trailer.

Free Willy is definetly a killer whale. But you dont have to watch it if you dont want to because i will not force you too :)

Free Willy is the best killer whale out there

I advise you to watch the movies 1,2&3

The Trailer Again


Willy is a killer whale otherwise known as an orca. He is huge and he is black and white....

Killer Whale
Killer Whale Two
Killer Whale Three

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